Hifiberry Amp3 support


I’ve bought the new Hifiberry Amp3 : https://www.hifiberry.com/shop/boards/hifiberry-amp3/

Linux kernel 5.15.24 is required, my Volumio 3 installation in Test mode is on 5.10.92.

Is there plans to upgrade Linux kernel soon ?

Hi i bought the Amp3 too. Were you able to use the Amp3? I´m having problems too.
Any suggestions? Did you find out a config to enable Sound over the Amp3?

I just had a problem with my Amp3, it burnt, so I can’t try again with Volumio, sorry.

Thanks for reply.

Is there any progress? I realy liked to see how volumio looks, but i don’t get any audio out there (even with trying amp2 and the trick in the config file mentioned at forum)