HifiBerry Amp2 compatibility

Hey Volumio-Team and friends

is the all new HifiBerry Amp2 already supported? Otherwise, will it be supported?



For those who have the same question as i had.
I just got my Hifiberry Amp2 and tried it out myself. It works right out the box with the Hifiberry DAC Plus setting.

I hope this will help some of you.


I’m having issues with mine, it worked right out of the box (with just the device selected and I2S turned off), but I couldn’t adjust the volume. I then tried setting it to I2S and tried both Hifiberry Amp and Hifiberry DAC Plus but neither works at all. Help?

I finally got it working, reflashed the card and went through the setup again, there selecting I2S and HifiBerry DAC Plus did the trick. Another change was that before only the D1 led on the AMP2 was lit, after the reflash both D1 and D2 were lit, whatever that means. :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting your solution! :smiley: !!! this worked for me as well with the amp2.

Yes, I can confirm that the Hifiberry DAC Plus works for the Hifiberry AMP2. Maybe some developer could make an alias for that setting?

Hi all,

I can confirm that the hifiberry dac plus setting is working… more or less
because I’m experiencing a crack noise after several seconds (~30s).

Is anybody out there with the same experience?

running version: 2.348

Kind Regards

I haven’t had any problems with Volumio 2.348 and the Hifiberry Amp2 (using the Hifiberry DAC-plus setting). I’m using a 24V, 5A switching power supply.

Does the cracking noise occur at all volume levels?

thanks for reply.

after reflashing the sd-card , problem still occurs at all volume levels and swaping between sources (e.g. music library and radio stations).

finially got the hint from the seller to contact hifiberry support, it seems that they have a faulty production lot.

I’ll keep you updated.

Kind Regards

Hi Martin,

did you get any feedback from hifiberry support?
It likes I have a similar problem.

KR Ralf

Pretty old post, but who knows… :wink: