Hifiberry AMP2 and Volumio


I’m new to the forum, I want to mount a sound system for a game room in my house.
I currently have a raspberry pie B + with volumio and I would like to buy an amplifier, the new Hifiberry model AMP2.
Question: Does the AMP2 hifiberry work with volumio because in the system settings there is only the Hifiberry AMP + and not the Hifiberry AMP2?
I’m sorry for my catatrophic English

Long live a volumio!

Right now I am listening to a Web Radio with Volumio, using the Amp2. So yes, it works fine.
Use “Hifiberry DAC Plus” in the system settings, not the Amp+.
Apparently the Amp2 works quite differently from the old Amp, it seems to contain a proper DAC this time.

Yess ! Thank you lot !


I’m ready to build a box with PI3B+ and HiFiBerry Amp2.
It will be be my first project with a raspberry…

Are you satisfied with the audio quality of this device?
What speakers are you using ?


I have exactly that config and it works well and sounds great. I’m trying to design an all-in-one box, so just bought a couple of Visaton FRS8 4 Ohm drivers … currently in the prototyping stage, so still in the cardboard box mode, but still sounds impressive


I’m looking for the moment to create a little project with a Raspberry B3 and a Hifiberry Amp2 and my old Bose model 100-speakers. I’v ordered the Amp2.

The meaning is to listen to internet streams like this: live-radio.lwc.vrtcdn.be/groupc … isml/.m3u8
(a ADTS-codec). I suppose this will not be a problem.

But I have another question: is it possible to add to this combination a USB-soundcart like the CREATIVE Sound Blaster X-Fi HD? I would like this to have the possibility to have an audio line in over the RCA (and to get the possibility to get the sound from DAB-tuner to my Pi).

Thanks in advance for your replies!