Hifiberry 5V pins

I’ve noticed the HiFiBerry has 5V pins (plated thru-holes) that connect to the RPi 5V rails. With some googling I’ve found one person say you can power the DAC and the Rpi with these pins, and another person say not to do that. Has anyone here attempted it? I’m considering it, but don’t want to blow my Pi.

What’s your reason to do so? My R-Pi and HifiBerry are running fine with power through the micro-USB connector … ??

I found this link with description of the pinout of the P5: auvidea.com/index.php/theme- … y-pi-audio

Perhaps it tells you what you’re looking for ??

Hi kerkleln2!

I also plan to separate it concerning power supply. Therefore Pin 1 (5V) of the P5 header has to be cut off. Then you can power up the Hifiberry DAC with an extra PSU through P3 (5V) connectors on the DAC.
But no guarantee :mrgreen: !

@MSH: Because it’s said to sound slightly better after this upgrade. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know :smiley:

I’ll definetely try it out- tweaking, baby!

Greetingz, Robert

perhaps this is an interesting picture for this: hifiberry.com/wp-content/upl … G_2336.jpg

it seems that the 5V connector can be made on the board itself?

Happy Hacking !! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. I’m interested in supplying power to the DAC and the Pi through these pins because I’m constrained for space in my enclosure; the the micro-usb cable takes up a good bit. It could also disconnect during a hard shock. I’d prefer to just solder wires to the holes on the DAC board for ruggedness and compact-ness. In the picture above, he’s certainly doing what I’m suggesting. Do you have a source for that pic so I could ask the owner directly?

Unfortunately no. I found the picture on the HiFiBerry website (as you can see of the URL name). I would like to know who’s system it is because I’m very interested in the solution as a whole (casing and powersupply).

I built the DAC linked in above.
Yes, powering the DAC and the Pi via P3 on the DAC works.

The case: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121213593037
The power supply: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231065144737
(but I will use a Meanwell RS-15-5 for my next project)
USB WiFi stick http://www.edimax.com/en/produce_detail.php?pd_id=425&pl1_id=28&pl2_id=138

Did You do something else regarding gpio or did this just work out of box?

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If you do that, you’re going to bypass onboard PSU security and fuse.

Powering everything from Gpio works but it’s dangerous for your hardware.