HiFi 95+db sensitivity loudspeakers

FYI, what comes around goes around. I hooked up Bozak B-302A Urban’s to a Volumio-rpi2-hifiberryAmp+ and the sound is amazing! Hoffman iron law says the physics makes the loudspeakers big if you want sensitivity (= efficiency, or loud with low amp wattage) with low end bass response then the enclosure must be large. The Urban’s are 2’ cube “bookshelf” loudspeakers @75lb each. Back in the day (1940-50’s) before high power amps this was how audio was done. Later SET 1-5 watt amps and low wattage mono tube amps (one for each stereo channel) became quite the thing when using these hifi high sensitivity loudspeakers.

It is quite funny to see the small box pushing these big speakers and making 115db+ crystal clear sound. Haven’t hooked up a Klipschorn (has anyone else) but I have my eyes on a pair of Chorus ll’s.

With so much sound (sonic energy) coming from a system like this total digital fly-by-wire control can be scary when sw bugs occur. A dedicated Griffin powermate volume/mute knob may make sense for a more direct digital control.

First off, the older/original version of this speaker had all paper cones - each speaker had one 12" woofer (B199A), one 5" mid (B209), and two small (2 1/4" I believe) tweeters mounted side by side (B200X). The 12" paper woofer is one of the things Bozak was famous for. It is superb - more on that later. The paper mids weren’t bad but not stellar either. The paper tweeters are frankly terrible.

Hooked up a pair of Altec 9844A’s with piezo tweeters to a rpi2 and amp+ system and the sound is amazing. Amp+ is very flat but that’s OK. Total digital through the Altec horns sounds crystal clear.

Needed to install a hardwired USB volume control as sonic energy to much without instant control. Griffin Powermate with logarithmic control sensitivity as a function of volume.

Agree on the low power T amps or single ended class A and wide or full range high efficiency drivers. also if get crossovers out of the equation it really seems to add so much more depth and life to music
T amps seem to like 4 ohm loads better than 8 ohm
I wonder if the T amps are behaving more like Current amps than Voltage amps ?