Hide web radios from search output

Hello, I apologies if this issue has been covered in other posts…

I found two topics about this, but it seems both of them had no resolution.

I don’t listen to webradio, and I would like to hide webradio stations when searching into Volumio.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks a lot.

if you alter somethings like removing things like that you could do that but you will not,
have the option to update your version any more so think about it.

Hello dvo, it just happened to me this :wink:

I had to restore from scratch to upgrade :crazy_face:

that’s why they don’t want to help you with it most of the time because in the end it will bite back,
missing any updates but you could edit all :stuck_out_tongue:

btw you could make a image of your setup without the removed parts and use that later to update…

That was not a big issue, I had everything backupped.

I was hoping there was a “clean” way to choose what I want to search.

Lot of web radio in search output is not so readable, when you just want to search for an artist, for example.