Hide the setting menu , or hide some parts or hide wifi pass

Hi all

Early user of Volumio, I have always been really happy of the product. My kids are entering the teenager world, so they would like to have a Raspberry/Volumio in their room.

Due to some excessive use :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have set up some Wifi broadcast hour slot at home and kids do not knwo the Wifi password, at least they have not yet find the way to discover it.
Setting up two Raspberry 3/Volumio 2 box for their rooms, I am facing an issue. The wifi password can be seen clearly on the network menu.

I have not found any post on the forum explaining how to hide this wifi password. oe even better a way to hide the Setting menu , or at least part of the setting menu.

I tried through SSH connection to find some kind of Web UI files that could be modified but without success

thanks for the help