Hi. New here! Greetings from Belgium!

Hi, I’m Benny, new here. Volumio fan and interested in IT, music, audio and cars.

I’m running 4 pi’s in my house for volumio, 3 indoor and one for outdoor speakers.

A few weeks ago I started building a streamer inside a Marantz CD5003 chassis. So I have lots of questions. Here soms pictures so far…working buttons CD rom drive and VFD display.

Hope to learn a lot here!!!

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welcome Benny!
Nice project!
I hope you’ll find and share all what needed here :smile:

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Hi balbuze, thx!

I’ve read alot of michel8166’s and I’m going to hop on some of his topics. I use similar parts for my build. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Benny,

Welcome. enjoy your journey.

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Looks great in the Marantz.

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