Hi fron Argenina

Hi, I’m Daniel, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am audiophile and DIYer, I’m running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi connected by I2S to a ES9018DAC .

I think with Volumio is a great opportunity to build an appliance where I play my music collection (mostly in FLAC format, CD quality and Hi-Res) with an attractive and functional interface, with the better sound quality.

I want to make small modifications to the code to fit my needs:
a) A hardware “mute” function using GPIOs pins of Raspi because when I skip a trak a step back or a step up I have some “glitch” at very high volume, fearing damage the tweeters of my loudspeakers.

b) I also would like to detect when a track is encoded in DSD and use a GPIO pin to enable my DAC playing that track DSD.


Daniel Olmedo.