Hi from the Netherlands


This project looks very promising. I have several headless computers in use and try to find the best way to build a music streamer.

As an audiophile I see there are some promising developments on sound quality through streaming. I have been using a Top level CD player and was never impressed by the sound quality from commercial streaming devices. Last year I build a DDDAC converter and that changed the game, this was better than my CD player!

I have been using Raspberry Pi with mpd but got issues with the limited USB/ethernet bus speed, giving package loss.
Than I tried mpdpup on an Alix board. That was much better, this is a very stable system (using ethernet).
But it seems that development on the mpdpup has stopped. This is a pity because I expect with some tweaking mpd Sound can be improved even more.

Than I found the Raspyfi/ Volumio stuff. This has some nice features like Airplay and webradio that mpdpup does not have. Also the GUI is a nice touch for a Linux Noob like me.

I am now experimenting with Volumio 1.1 and got it running on a Raspberry Pi with ehternet. Wifi does work but has issues.

I hope this software will develop into a nice suite with expanding possebilities and improving stability and sound.

Can I make a suggestion? Changing the Kernel parameters from the GUI would be a very nice feature. This way everyone can adjust to their own situation.

Keep up the good work and all the best wishes for 2014!

Kind regards,

Hi and Welcome!
There are some kernel parameters presets you can adjust from the WebUi, I plan to make it more advanced. We can start a thread and discuss what kernel parameters are more effective!
See you there!

Hi Mike,

Sounds cool to discuss parmeters. At this stage there are some predefined settings in the GUI but it would be nicer to adjust them yourself. This might bring more knowledge on what the parmeters are doing.


Absolutely agree on it! Let’s do that! What about opening a thread on them, the matter is not so sure even for experts, this would be a really interesting conversation… Then we can implement some knobs on the webui (there was a similar idea with the guys that developed initially the webui)