Hi from the Netherlands KEF LSX volumio ethernet?

Hi I’m from the Netherlands, just a week ago I purchased KEF LSX. I’m new in the audio world and don’t know what everything means and how to let everything works.
In the beginning I had some problems with wifi, on airplay the music randomly pauses. problem solved by adding ethernet cable from the kef’s to my old router which is standing next to the kef’s.

Now my question, I have a big library of music on a ssd hardrive mostly flac, some mp3. I would like to play this on the Kef’s with starting the music from, iphone, ipad or computer (windows) with volumio. Most common way I found is to buy a rasp pi and a HAT with toslink and attach this to my router (ethernet) and to the Kef’s (toslink). But, since I have my tv with toslink attached the kef’s and a recordplayer to the aux imput there is no imput free for the rasp pi. The rasp pi is attached to the router, the kef’s are also attached to the router, is there a way to play from rasp pi to the kef’s by the network? how does this work? And because its digital to digital barely no loss of the high quality samples?
Anyway i’m going to by a new router and ethernet cat 6 cables to get gigabit ethernet, is there an advise in? Should I buy one with usb port for the ssd hard drive, and is volumio then still possible?

Thank you for helping!

cat5e can handle a gigabit network… so your old cables can run it … sdd hdd needs to be powered rpi can’t deliver power for your drive… maar als je vragen hebt wil ik wel mee denken…

Graag! Bedankt alvast. De rpi kan niet de ssd van stroom voorzien? Zo niet dan moet de ssd op de router. Ik begrijp dat volumio deze dan gaat zien en ik dit hiermee kan afspelen. Tutorial over hoe volumio op sdkaart en in rpi moet doen lijkt mij duidelijk, genoeg yt filmpjes. Maar mijn idee en ik weet niet of dit mogeljjk is. Geen output als jack, coacaal of optical van de rpi te gebruiken maar via het netwerk op de lsx afspelen. Heb jij daar een idee over?

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Hi, wonder if you found a solution, stream from the Volumio over Wifi seems like a challenge to me.
If you haven’t found a solution, you could opt for a Toslink splitter. I saw some starting at 20 Euro.

Hi thanks for replying.
My first goal was to stream with Kef stream from a harddrive attached to my router, sort of a NAS.
Lots of fights, the router netgear AC1600 R6400 does have usb 3.0. My samsung T5 500gb SDD HDD format in NFTS and USB 3.0 connection is not visible in the router :(. An old 500gb HDD hardrive format NFTS and USB 2.0 connected to the usb 3.0 of the router is visible! In the router I could select DLNA stream. So from the Kef stream app I can find some files and play them on the Kef’s. Unfortunately I used before itunes so my files are Aif which kef’s stream app cannot see or play.
No I have borrowed form a friend a rpi 3B+ hifiberry digi+, Volumio can see the files in my HDD and play’s it by a toslink cable on the kef’s. Still sad that I can’t use a SSD HDD on usb 3.0 on my router which would make everything probably faster, as well to share document true devices . I asked Netgear, they gave me an answer which is not helpful.

Indeed I will buy a Toslink splitter to connect also my tv to the kef’s.
Probably as well rpi, don’t now yet which one 3b or a 4. I have to see the cons and pros.

use fat or ex-fat no ntfs this should help with mounting it better…


Use the RPi to build a server (NAS) with your SSD Drive. You can connect the SSD Drive using a double cable (Sata-usb cable, or get a special board from www.suptronics.com.

Install Minimserver (www.minimserver.com) on the RPi. You should now be able to play music from the Server directly to the KEFs. You can also investigate using Bubbleupnp server.

I don’t have the KEFs but I believe this should work based on the paramaters for the KEFs I found.

You can take this one step further by using another RPi with a DAC HAT and connect the output to the KEFs. You can put Volumio on that RPi and then control Volumio through your phone. Or use another player. You could use the OpenHome player. You can find instructions on the web. In that case you can use Linn Kazoo or other OpenHome compatible software to control the KEFs.

Are you happy with the sound of the KEFs?