Hi from Spain

Hi, I’m Carlos and I live in Spain.

I’m a Volumio user since some weeks ago. I use it in a Raspberry Pi B+ with a Hifiberry Dac+. I play it in a 15 years old amplifier Denon PMA-425r and Celestion Impact 15i speakers.

I love 40-60’s jazz music (Coltrane, Davis, Rollins, Mingus, Brubeck, Parker, Billie Holiday, Gillespie…) , 60-70’s rock music (Jethro Tull, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Bowie, Cream, Frank Zappa, early Supertramp…) and introducing in classic music.

Give thanks to Michelangelo to create and improve this excellent platform, giving opportunities to low budget audiophile paranoics :confused:

Now my next mini-project is increase the coverage of music to other rooms and I’m just investigating different possibilities.

Kind regards.