Hi from Sandy Hook,CT USA

Just wanted to introduce myself.
I am a long term audiophile and a DIYer who digitized his audio collection over 15 years ago.
Was happily using a few CD3os to stream music but they were tired and cranky so they have been retired.

I have successfully built a few gainclone amps and have a Raspberry PI B+ working well with Volumio 1.55 in conjunction with a WD MyBookLive NAS (it took some effort though). I have a PI 2 on order, as welI as an IQaudio DAC + and case coming my way and looking forward to getting that up and running.

I recently tried to get a UDOO Quad going with Volumio but had extraordinary issues with just getting it to load (just about anything). So its going RMA and hopefully its replacement will fare better.

I might attempt a merger of the gainclone with either a PI 2 or a UDOO if I’m feeling brave.

As a vocation and a hobbyist, I been involved with computers since 1969 (yeah I’m an old dude).
So looking forward to future discussions and learning some more.