Hi from Palo Alto, California

All my music is in FLAC, served via UPnP/DLNA by a Synology NAS and controlled by BubbleUPnP on various Android devices. Living room setup: CuBox-I2eX + Volumio 1.5 > Bel Canto mLink > Bel Canto C7R > KEF LS50 speakers. Office setup: SOtM sMS-100 > Schiit Audio Bifrost Uber USB 2 > Schiit Audio Asgard 2 > MrSpeakers Alpha Prime headphones. I listen to modern jazz, world, and some classical. When I decided to switch the living room from an integrated streamer (Naim Unitiqute) to the C7R to get more power into the excellent but very inefficient LS50s, I needed a minimal streamer to go from UPnP/DLNA to the C7R inputs (USB or S/PDIF). But the sMS-100 I have in my office was discontinued, so after some search I decided for Volumeio on CuBox-I. Some experimentation showed that interposing the mLink between the CuBox-I and the C7R for isolation/reclocking of the digital signal yielded improved clarity and stereo imaging. Controlling this setup from BubbleUPnP is beautifully easy. Very happy with both Volumio and CuBox-I.