Hi from Ottawa, Canada


My name is Rob and I am a former tech geek who has an interest in music, but I have to say that I am not a music enthusiast. Most of the time, I am listening to music in the background. Tastes lean toward Jazz, light classical, folk, blues and some rock.

A few years ago I went all digital and built a small audio system around the slim devices media player. It was a fantastic device that had a great future. Unfortunately, Logitech bought the company and killed it when they couldn’t understand the business drivers.

I turned to Volumio to replace the Slim devices player and to centralize the music library on the player. I am keen at getting the best music reproduction at the lowest possible price point. Currently I am using a raspberry pi B+ and a HIFIberry DIGI+ to connect up to my system. It is very nice on the ears.

Looking forward to new developments in low cost HIFI music reproduction.