Hi from Missionman

Hi everyone

My nickname was chosen by the fact that i am a big fan of the Mission brand of speakers.
That’s to say, the Mission speakers that were designed and produced before the brand had been taken over by a large audio group.

I own a set of Mission 751 bookshelf speakers and a pair of floorstanding Mission 754 Freedom speakers.

Actually i’m streaming music using a Chromecast Audio device linked to a SMSL M100 DAC which is connected to a NAD C375 amp.

This setup however hasn’t the possibility to stream Hi Res files and that made me decide to order a Raspberry PI which I would like to connect via USB to the SMSL DAC.

So now I am waiting for the Raspberry to be delivered and I’m anxious to install the device with Volumio software.

When installing Volumio, could anyone tell me which setting I have to choose for my DAC to be recognized by Volumio ?