Hi from Holland

Have been here for some time, but now properly introducing myself :slight_smile:

I’m from Holland and working as full time front-end developer for a big web-shop.

Always have been into audio since I was only 6 years old. Never stopped, and finally got a decent set here to listen to. Love the Volumio project. Even the most fun part that it’s the cheapest but most important part of my set.

Raspberry Pi is my choice because of the huge support of the community, like this one. Love theenthousiasm and heart people put into it, and hopefully I can do something like that too :slight_smile:


I’m René and also from Holland.
Just started with the Raspberry Pi B+ and HifiBerry+
Hope to learn here a lot.
But first I’ll do a little reading here :slight_smile:
Best regards,

Hello everyone,

Saying hello from The Netherlands as well :slight_smile:

I found the Volumio project a while ago and last week received my first Raspberry Pi B+ to experiment and play around with Volumio. As we are building a new house this year, my intention is to ensure proper cabling and wifi all around to support automation and multimedia. I have an Emotiva DAC, Denon stereo amp and Quadral M4 speakers sitting in storage that can’t wait to be set-up again in the living. In addition I am test-driving the Pi/Volumio combo to bring music to other rooms like kitchen/dining, office, playroom, bedrooms… I am considering the HifiBerry+ along with something like an SMSL amp and some decent monitor or in-ceiling speakers. And then of course to get it to work in synchronised multi-room party mode :astonished:

Thanks Michelangelo and others for all your work!