Hi from Hattem (NL)

Hi Folks,

thought it would be good to introduce myself.

My name is Ruud, I’m 33, currently living in Hattem, the Netherlands. I work as a Traffic Engineer on nice projects mostly involving smart and self driving cars.
At my home I try to automate as much as possibly with my, very limited, skill set. I currently run Pimatic for controlling lights and switches, based on set roles, or controlled from any device with an internet browser. It can also get internet weather and live weather from a connected weather station and so on. My mine goal would be integrating Volumio and Pimatic in such a way, that along with time based light switching, music is also playing automatically. Or switches on/off depanding on someone being home or not (and set the music genre for that specific person).

Due to my limited set of programming skills I will ask questions from time to time on this forum. Mostly aiming to fix problem and also learning from the answers given.

Anyways, I very much respect the work done on Volumio. And appreciate the commitment from within the community. Great work all!