Hi from Friesland *the Netherlands*


My name is Sake, living in the northern part of The Netherlands. I’m a software developer for a living. although the stack volumio is using isn’t in my comfort zone. I love following the development of V2 and the development discussions.

and I 'm using volumio since version 1.2 on a Pi2 with HifiBerry on my 20 year old Marantz Receiver. I love it. I even spend more than a week ripping all my cd’s to flac and put them on my nas. I only miss the feeling when physically going through my collection (i am not that organized) and finding an cd i havend heard for a while.

I can’t wait to get version 2.0 up-and-running. For me the quality and stability comes first. Furthermore I would really like the spotify:connect option. Not perse for the music (especially quality). But i think the spotify app is great for searching music and making playlists.

Thanks for the project!