Hi from France

Hello to all. Complete Pi beginner here…

I accidentally became an audiophile by being a bit fussy several years ago about choice of amp and speakers. I went the streaming route due to lack of a CD collection of any note; at that point, TIDAL / QOBUZ became a no-brainer.

Then I found I had to get involved in all sorts of computer things: UPNP, Bubble, networks, it all got a bit complicated, i’m only a girl…

Now I’m into the next iteration. I needed to move away from Marantz’s HEOS, horrible, it is, and I wanted to start downloading rather than streaming because the local area network doesn’t always cope with demand. Playing with Audirvana, I accidentally found that 24bit sound is a lot, lot better than 16bit sound, see how easily it happens? Once heard, there’s no going back.

So now I’m looking at building an R Pi to handle downloading and streaming to my DAC from TIDAL or QOBUZ. I know nothing about it but I guess I’ll learn. So far I’ve identified Rasbien and Voluminio.

System is: Monitor Audio Gold 200 speakers, Acoustic Masterpiece valve amp, Marantz ND8006 network streamer.