Hi from France and ONE question


I discovered RasPi a few months ago and decided to have a try with it for XBMC use. Finally I discovered Volumio and found that project and its thousands of possibillities much more valuable !
So here I am, but a bit lost. I’m no nerd or geek and I may have tried something too ambitious for my capabilities. The Volumio is very easy to use and its interface is wonderful, but I thought I can launch it automatically without any action, but I did not find the tip.
Hopefully, you guys will help me out of this :slight_smile:

To be very precise, I want Volumio to play randomly my plalylist when I turn the RaspPi power on. I know it’s very easy to control it through the /volumio.local, but is there a way to make it play music straight as I turn the power on ? I’m sorry if this question has already been discussed elsewhere, but I did not find. Please let me know the manipulations.

Many thanks to the developpers and long live the Volumio !

Welcome Roinny,

Volumio does launch automatically when you start the R-pi with volumio on the SD card. :wink:

But about your question, you want the music to start at boot, or at least continue. In my experience when you just unplug the power while music is playing, it continues after boot, same as reboot. But when you poweroff the correct way it doesn’t always.

Would you please be so kind to ask this question in the help part of the forum, more people look there for support and supporting then in the introduce yourself