Hi from Dubai UAE

I am IT professional , been using LINUX for last 20 years, never imagine that Linux sound so good when it come to play digital. After tinkering one month different rpi’s finally settle for Allo USB Signature with Allo Digione Signature. Initially started with Dietpi , Ropiee max2play but switched to Volumio. I am now considering not to renew ROON next year , that Volumio sound so good. Her is my Desk saystem conf Allo USB bridge => ifi Pro iDSD => ifi Pro iCAN => 2 Schitt Vidar Mono conf Power amps => KEF LS50 .
For Headphones Custom conf Rpi4 => ifi iusb => ifi micros idsd => ifi Itube 2 => ifi iCAN SE => Headphone . I am considering to replace my aurlaic aries with Volumio Primo for my main HiFi system. Good work Volumio Team.

There is other Linux distro for audiophile too. Like AP-linux, AVlinux, Ubuntu Studio, Audio Linux. Daphile.