Hi From Cambridge (UK)

Hi from the home city of Raspberry Pi - Cambridge UK.

I’ve been using Raspberry Pi for around 6 months now. First projects have been OpenElec XBMC and Bittorent Sync networking to share family photos with remote relatives. My next project will be Sonos-like music streaming around my house.

My sound systems are:

Denon 7.1 channel amplifier in my home theatre room
Bose iPod dock with Aux input in my kitchen
A vintage (valve) radio case with a Raspbery Pi and a 2.5 Watt amplifier fitted, in my dining room (original valve radio not working)

I’ve set up Volumio and have used it successfully with the Bose dock initially. Having a little trouble with streaming over WiFi, with slight stuttering and pauses, but Ethernet is fine - I’ll put this down to networking trouble for now.

I have one other issue I’m trying to resolve - see my post in the Forum (Experimenting with Low Cost DAC).

Welcome and really appreciate the initiative mate!