Hi from Australia

Hi, I am a new user of Volumio/Pi but a long time user of music and linux.
I tried three forks of this project before settling on Volumio

Absolutely loving the power, functionality and simplicity of Volumio. I use it to play flac and some mp3 from an SSD USB drive.
My kids use Airplay from their iToys.

We have a multi-room speaker set up with an outdoor dining area and a pool/bar with speakers. So mobile phone/tablet/browser control is great
A Pi is currently plugged into a Sherwood amp with four speaker outputs. At the moment I am just using the analogue output but my HiFi Berry is in the post.

We had a party last week and people were very impressed with the ease of use. One comment I liked:

“Put it in a silver box wit a BOSE sticker and sell it for $2k”