Hi from Australia

Hi everyone! I’m a flac and Exact Audio Copy fan from way way back and have backed up my thousands of CDs for excellent digital music.

I’m a computer novice so Volumio’s promise of “10 minutes from download to joy. Easy as it can be.” attracts me enormously!

I’m here to listen to music, not to play with computers. In fact I looked for exactly that, and this is what hooked me to this player:

This project aims to combine features that were usually not available altogether in current software/hardware environments. You could just have a good sounding music server, but this usually meant spending lots of cash and using those devices the way they were meant to be used by their manufacturers, not by your needs. You can build a MPD server by your own, but that represented a big issue for less linux-savy people. Or you could just mess around with some expensive proprietary software solution.

Times were ready for everyone to have something that’s good sounding, cheap, easy to use and adaptable. Embedded devices made it possible, our project just catalyzes their potentials into Audio Playback use.

This is what all our efforts brought to you. We hope you can enjoy it as much as we did creating it.

Anyway, my favourites:
Grateful Dead - archive.org is wonderful!
Natascha Atlas
too many others

Thanks for making it easier to listen to my music!