Hi from Adrian, in UK


I have been using Volumio now for around 3 years, and thought that it was about time I joined the community. I use it on a RPI2/Hifiberry HAT to Caiman SEG DAC, which feeds a reasonably hi-end hifi.
I got into it relatively early on and as I have worked in IT for many years in development and systems testings did not find this too hard. What impressed me originally was its stability once set up and also the sound quality.

I very nearly purchased one of the first Primo’s having spoken with Michelangelo(CEO), unfortunately finances and illness at the time stopped me, although I am re-considering purchasing one soon.

I use Volumio for radio from around the world, and accessing a large music library on a NAS of mainly FLAC and WAC files, and a old iTunes library. I also stream and have used TIDAL and QOBUZ. I listen to lots of music, and a broad bass of genre, although I do like prog rock greatly.

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Hi mate,

Welcome aboard! And good intro :ok_hand:t4:




Looking forward to participating a bit.

Welcome aboard Adrian, from Bedfordshire