Hi Folks

My Name is Horst, from Germany. I am electrical engineer and have expirience with embedded Hardware, ex. PIC 16-32.
Now i build up a volumio Player. I have no experience in this Rasperry things, it is quite new for me.
i make a SD Card and worked fine. Also volumio settings are all clear, LCD worked,…well

…and there are the first problems: I like to shutdown by switch, but how…

if i connect via IP i only see volumio, how can i get on the linux prompt ?
And how to install a script (or write)…

Thanky a lot

Herzlich Wilkommen Horst!

shutdown via switch is easy.
just install GPIO plugin and solder a button between GPIO 3 and ground.

Thanks, i have done, but where did i find a detailed describtion which GPIO has which function ?
Where are the describtions to the plugins and maybe where did i find a how to modify for newbees ?


P.S.: I try to read a lot, but the start is often so heavy…Excuse my simple questions.

i dont mean to modify in the voulmio himself. Thats clear.
Is there a config where it is located and how to modifiy the config with a script: Encoder

no problem.
i found this:
New to Volumio? Please read the Quick Start Guide to get your system up and running :slight_smile:.
volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … Guide.html

The plugin ist to be enabled just via the web ui - under plugin section. no coding required! :wink:
The GPIO Plugin is standard, you just have to activate it and to set under settings shutdown to GPIO3

The GPIO layout can be seen here.
indibit.de/wp-content/uploads/2 … legung.png
solder a button (ein taster) between GPIO3 and GND.
Any more questions - you are welcome :sunglasses: