Hi(fi) fom Holland

Hi all,

This is a great initiative - early days and I registered to:

  1. help with testing and feature requests
  2. get some help with issues I have

Currently I have a Raspberry PI and a UDOO Quad core revD.

First I only had a PI, but could not get flawless playback at higher resultions - so that PI is now my Squeezelite (for Spotify and currenly downsampled access to my own music on a NAS as well).

Recently I got the UDOO, to be able to get real hifi sound into my USB DAC. Not clicks, cracks etc. is the purpuse. Not there yet, even though I have been able to get some music out of the little machine. After a reboot it has been silent though…

So that is a goot trigger to get registered here and become an active member!