Hi fellow Volumians !

Hello all ! My name is Rob aka Nemo, and as a long standing music lover i had my favorite music on a lot of formats. Early 80’s it was on tape and vinyl, then there was real to real, boy those where the days. 90’s came and all that got shelved and or sold, CD was in. SACD followed and surely now streaming is the new hot thing. One problem for me is i like a good quality reproduction of my music, luckily i discovered the Pi and Dac combo. Paired with Volumio it is just audio bliss, my flac collection is more easily accessible and look good too on my tablet that is set as remote.
Anyways, being Dutch and worked for Philips i just had to have a vintage audioset from that brand. Philips’s 800 “Emerald” Series is gorgeous and although mostly rebranded Marantz tech, still very much 80’s style. I highly adapted the amplifiers to do Tri-Amping of sorts, and repurposed one defunct tuner to house the Pi & dac.

Combined with Volumio this is just heaven, i LOVE it.

Philips 880 Amp 2x and one 890 Amp.
Raspberry Pi 3B with HiFiBerry DAC plus

Emerald 1.jpg

Emerald 2.jpg

Love the retro look of that old Philips kit! Slick implementation with the tuner enclosure :smiley: