Hi everyone

My name is Henk de Kruyff. I live in the Netherlands. I have been tinkering with audio since the late seventies of the previous century.
At first it was connecting every thing we (my best friend and I) could find together and trying to get the best sound we could get. We were in our early teens so we had little to no money. Old tube radio’s, speakers from scrapped tv’s, amps stripped from music centres. You name it, we connected it and created our form of hifi with it.
This tinkering stood us in good stead when we later worked as studio engineers. Our creativity we had to have in those early days, helped us create original solutions for our clients in the studio. Giving tracks just that little bit extra.
Audio has always been a passion of mine and I am still on a very limited budget. So being able to think outside the box is a skill I am still grateful for.
Volumio is new for me, but after some initial setup troubles I now have a working system and I like what I hear so far!

Kind regards,

Hoi Henk,

Welkom aan boord! Love to hear that you like it, keep up the tinkering :wink: