Hi! compliments on a great project!

I`m from Latvia.
I enjoyed the project for some time, tested it with borrowed R-Pi and my little USB Dac from hifidiy. Sounded great.
One thing escapes me tough, why does a player have to be packaged as a whole distribution? Why not just an RPM package? I see, It makes Volumio pretty easy to implement for starters. But for me it is fourth computer under linux to buy, install and care for. I already have NAS, “not-so-smart-yet” home controller, and TV-media-player. Now i have to go buy another cubie or udoo, install another mess of wires and so on, just to make my audio setup. I hesitate. But if there would be a package to install on a running system, I would have done so already. And I understand, that there would be several dependencies needed.

Anyway, thank`s for great work!

if you dont use all your systems the same time you can make a extra SD card which contains Volumio.