Hi, Christophe from Switzerland

Hi all,
Just joining the Volumio forum, while I’m using Volumio for a while already.
I own a lifetime MyVolumio Superstar license.
I run Volumio on a Raspberry 3B+ with a HifiBerry DAC+Pro and a very low noise split PSU (one for the Raspi, one for the DAC), and am very happy with this setup.

Currently building a new streamer using the case of an old and broken FM-tuner. Again with a Raspberry 3B+ and a Hifiberry DAC+Pro and a low noise, split PSU for the Raspi and the DAC.

As I just got the the new Hifiberry DAC2HD, I will yet another streamer with this one, again with a Raspberry 3B+ (it simply gets less warm that the 4).

I really enjoy using Volumio without requiring to install an app. This is what nerves me the most with other streamer I tried (e.g. Auralic ARIES, SONOS Connect, Advance WTX StreamPro).

Beside of that, I’m a newly retired IT guy, enjoying spending time with restauration of modding amplifiers (just modding a Quad 405 which I had refurbished) when I’m not working on my motorbikes.

Welcome Christophe!
Another biker here :wink:

Hoi Christophe,
greetings from another retired IT member from the Thurgauer side of the Bodensee.

Hi Gé, I’m myself on the eastern side of the Zürisee (Meilen).