Hi can use volumio on portable system outside my home boom box

Hi can you use volumio outside your home network ? and is tidal free or do you have pay for the full upgrade and is tidal similar to spotify as I never used tidal?.What’s the main difference between the first payment level to top payment . What’s also the advantages of having the paid level.
No sure what your getting lowest payment level.
Any help please I am new to volumio
Thanks videogame95

Tidal vs. Spotify is only a question of sound quality. Spotify announces “HiFi” since a few months. But nothing happens. So Spotify delivers crappy lossy sound. You can compare it to mp3 with 320 kbits. Tidal and Qobuz are not free. But they deliver lossless minimum CD quality. For me it is worth every Cent, or whatever currency is yours.

But Please, skip Tidal (MQA is a lossy format), go for Qobuz…

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I am absolutely with @Wheaten
Qobuz is my go to streaming service too. But sometimes for some reasons one service provides an album which is not provided by the other. So, for that reason only, sometimes I use also Tidal. But I cancelled the Tidal HiFi Plus subscription because I’ve learned: MQA is BS!

I’ve been using Volumio-based systems outside home, powering the boombox with a smartphone powerbank.

It works quite well, I was connecting it to the hotspot from my phone.

Hi can I you do that with any raspi like raspi w pi 3 ect .
Did you just do hotspot or dic you wifi tethering?
As not done these for sometime.

Any help please Damur

I am using a RPi0-2, it is a good fit because of good performance and reduced power consumption.

WiFi Hotspot and WiFi Tethering is the very same thing