Hey guys

Hey Guys, I’m 31 years old, male, married an have two children. We live in the beautiful Westerwald in germany and all four of us really love sound and music. For my part I think I inherited my love for music from my father and my uncle. I like 60s-70s HiFi (Have Marantz 2230, Grundig Audiorama and other stuff like that…) but I am also interested in modern technologies. Another hobby is control engineering, mostly in the sector of HVAC (I work at a manufaturer of HVAC-Systems, once did control engineering there (amateurish), did further education and now I’m doing technical designing…), so that I came to the wonderful Raspberry Pi to develop a small controller for my heating system at home…
By searching the internet an googleing endlessly through many nights I discovered Volumio.
And here I am, going to start some Volumio-project for my livingroom and my father’s and uncle’s livingrooms :slight_smile:

Sorry for my creepy english! :smiley:

Welcome @fomochel! :smiley:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Volumio.
And greetings from Hennef to the Westerwald :smiley: