Here's My DAP

Just really simple and clean, but sounds amazing on my ST-120 powered VOTTs. I am now in the process of ripping a collection of some 400+ CDs to lossless files (flac) on the HD.
Raspberry Pi, Sandisk Ultra 16GB SD card,Allo Boss, Acryllic Case, Seagate 2TB HD, Kingston 32GB thumb-drive and Nexus 7

Rpi DAC.jpg

Volumio Nexus7.jpg


Looks good mate, let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

What else is in your audio setup. Those speakers look interesting.

The speakers are my version of Altec’s Voice of the Theater A7 with homebrew Linkwitz-Riley passive crossover networks.
Amplifier is an ST-120 with KT-88 output tubes. I also have a mix-match bunch of hardware making-up my home recording studio (Cakewalk and Band In A Box software). My studio preamp is tube / solid-state switchable and was designed and built by “yours-truly”. Studio powered near-field monitors are Edifier R1280T
My DAC and CD transport feed directly into the ST-120 amp via just a selector / stepped-attenuator (no other electronics in that chain).
Calibrated reference mic is a MiniDSP UMIK-1.
Built “on the cheap” over quite a number of years, but I think the sonic performance is quite impressive.
Listening space is 12ft x 34ft, treatments are carpeted floor, acoustic suspension ceiling (fiberglass), medium-heavy wall to wall drapes across the rear wall behind the speakers and just your average living/dining room furnishings.
Here are some pics:
Listening Pos 1 - crossover tweak 2018-04-06.jpg