First off Merry Christmas to everyone when the time comes.

Hoping someone can help me. I’m away for the holidays and have taken my volumio, raspberry pi zero w buuilt speaker away with me…

Problem is I’m not on my network and I can’t figure out how to change this now I’m away. I’ve got the WiFi login id and password of the place I’m staying… Is there a way of me changing this?

When I plug the speaker in, I get the start up noise and I hoped I’d be able to connect, but when I use the app I have no joy finding the device…

Can any of you help?

Since the Pi0W can’t connect to your home network, it should have switched to Hotspot mode and created it’s own WiFi network named “Volumio”. You can login to that network (e.g. via phone) with password “volumio2”. Once connected, navigate your webbrowser to volumio.local to bring up the Volumio Ui. Now go to the network options, pick the WiFi network of the place you’re staying and login with the credentials provided.
Good luck and Merry Christmas,