Help with rearranging music data base

I have a situation that might be ‘fixed’ with volumio or perhaps another program. I ripped over 300 cd’s using dbpower amp. For the most part, the resultant directory structure on a windoz machine looks like:
MyMusic/ClassicalMusic/Andrea Bocelli/Amore/track 1, track 2, track 3…track n
Generally speaking
MyMusic/ClassicalMusic/ArtistName/AlbumName/track 1, 2, 3…etc

If no artist was specified
MyMusic/ClassicalMusic/AlbumName/track 1, 2, 3, etc.

When I look at the music collection in Volumio, it display the information in much the same was as the directory structure on the disk…
ClassicalMusic and then list all the artists, once I pick and artist, I see a list of their albums, and when selecting an album, a list of their tracks

I don’t like this structure. I’d like to see:
ClassicalMusic/AlbumName/ArtistName/Track1, 2, etc.

Can this structure be changed in Volumio? If not, is there a program to rearrange the directory structure?

The program I used to rip the cds and create the directory structure is: dbPowerAmp.
DB power amp rips the CD and attempts to locate the cover picture on the web and associates that with the album.
Thanks for any insight into this