Help with Pivumeter, Alsa (asound.conf) and Pi zero W with a Blinkt LED

I am running Volumio fine and it works well by way of HDMI connection to my Yamaha amp. Rpi zero with wireless!

Before I installed I ran my Blinkt LED strip as a VU meter using library Pivumeter.

It overwrites the ALSA asound.conf when you install it.

Once I isntalled Volumio though and set it all up, and then installed Blinkt, then setup for Pivumeter, I could not get the VU meter to work. Also, trying to play audio from Volumio no longer worked: error was the “ALSA device softvolume could not be found or does not exist”.

I know this is to do with the MPD server and ALSA setup of Volumio but am a bit of a n00b / beginner and cannot figure out what to change in the asound.conf to have volumio happy with the ALSA output to the pivumeter. Can anyone help me figure it out? I am fine with SSH to install things on pi and edit config files (I already made a custom userconfig.txt and so on). Just not very good with linux ALSA and understanding.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: HDMI audio out, RPi Zero W
DAC: HDMI no DAC /pimoroni/pivumeter

Log :

did you try enabling the software as the mixer ?

Hi what do you mean? Sorry I do not understand. You mean somehow put volumio in the asound.conf as mixer?