Help with a very basic first project.

Firstly, I must say how excited I am to find this project. Sometime ago I searched to see if there was anything just like this project available, but came up with nothing. In fact I had plans to try and develop something myself.

I would like to produce a test build just to get some idea of performance and ease of use without going to much expense. Although i have an RPI it is tied up running XBMC so I am wondering whether I can install Vollumio on an ACER Revoo and simply connect it to a set of standard PC speakers or the like. I realise the sound performance will not be perfect, but it will give me some idea of what I can expect. Actually I am not much of an audiophile, I am more interested in the geeky aspects of having access to music though-out the house.

Would there be any particular problems with this sort of setup? What would i need to take this one step further and drive a stero amplifier and pair of speakers?

Thanks for your help.


OK so i have just shown my naivety! I think.

The image for the Raspberry Pi will contain a linux kernel compiled for the specific chip used in the PI. This of course is different from the Linux used in a standard desktop box, so I think there is no hope of what I was trying to do working.

In the end I have taken the easy way out and bought another SD card, installed Volumio on it and then run a trial system with my existing RPI.

Works well, a few problems that I need to iron out, but it largely worked well from my first boot.


ah good, you figured it out AND had the balls to come back and post about it. Commendable!


Hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, volumio did the trick for me!

Frankly you’d be better using the revo for xbmc and the pi for volumio.

Although volumio is all open source, so you could run it on x86 if you were prepared to spend some time.