HELP PLZ. Radio Paradise stops

Recently I have taken a real liking to Radio paradise. Their AAC and FLAC streaming sound great thru the PI with a HIFIBERRY IS DAC.
Unfortunately every 20 minutes it stops and I have to get up to restart it. Generally I have to go to the main menu to restart it.
I have played with all the settings. The buffer is maxed to 12. I have tried everything. The plugin is the latest. (by the way thanks for the plug in)
Maybe the Pi need more CPU? it is a pi 3 model B.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, in this post and others we talk about this problem:
There is no logical explanation to it, Marco, the author of the plugin made a great effort trying to find the problem, the most disconcerting is that there are people who do not cut the broadcast.
For my part, I think that it is necessary to try in the way suggested by Michelangelo, using the command aplay instead of mpc play, in fact my knowledge does not give for that.
Particularly what I did is to make my own program that with limitations allows me to listen without cuts, I mentioned it here:

Thank you so much. At least I’m not alone. Could i try your python program? Can you choose between the main mix and the mellow mix?
Sounds like a good workaround. i may need a few instructions to figure out how you set up what you did.

My program is a very precarious solution. I tried to make some member of this community a plugin, but until today there is no answer.
RP flac what it does is to emit blocks of between 4 and 8 songs that are renewed when finished. My solution was to download these blocks and then play them, which means that every 4/8 songs have to wait for the download of the block, it particularly bothers me unless it is cut playback.
Another problem is that it requires a minimum of knowledge since it is executed by console using ssh, although I managed to automate the process to install several files and python modules, I do not encourage you to recommend that you use it, I can still tell you how to make it work.
Yes you can choose which channel to listen to (I made 2 programs, you use one or the other :wink: )

Is this a stand alone solution? I mean do you even need volumio to make it work? or is it a script that runs inside volumio.
My frustration with the radio paradise plugin is very high. I like my sound via the pi/dac and Radio paradise programming and sound quality are super.
These interruptions are killing me.

Bill, the manager of Radioparadise, is working on the problem.
For now if you add this radio to Volumio, you can listen to RP Main Mix in Flac:
It is a test, sometimes it has cuts for fixes, but it is directed to solve the problem. It does not have metadata.
Marco, the author of the RadioPardaise plugin is also working on a solution similar to the one I proposed.
I suggest you wait, with that link you have advanced a lot, you are going to find a way to solve it without using strange methods like the one I built for myself.

Thank you Daniel.
Is there a link for the mellow stream, that is the one that i really enjoy.
So glad help is on the way.
Thank you thank you

I’m having a bit of trouble with that RP Flac link. If i click on it in a browser it plays fine. If I add the link to my web radio, it does not play.

Not that I know…

OK got the stream working. for some reason after you play the station you have to wait quite a bit before it starts to play. But once it starts it keeps going . Yeah!!!

Will not you have the very large playback buffer set?