Help please

Im writing a review for a manufacturer and cant get Volumio to find my network share.
Part of my review is to explain the user experience and sorry Volumio this is one of the worst Ive had.
Surely you explain the folder structure set up and what to use to find your NAS. Ive been going at this for 5 hours now and I dont think having to come onto a forum is the way to do it beyond explaining how it should work in a proper manual.
At the end of the day if the user experience is poor then people wont buy the products that use your interface or manufacturers will just use other interfaces.
Please help.

we need more info to help you on that.
First: when you go to MyMusic, click on Add new Drive , do you get some results? (on some circumstances NASes are not shown there).

If that’s the case, then fill the fields this way:
Alias: Any name you want for the NAS to appear in the folder structure (can be NAS, for example)
IP: The IP address of the NAS
Path: The share name of the NAS you want to add

Can you also specify which manufacturer and which software version are you using?
(on 2 OEM build we had a bug in the NAS discovery, which is solved in the latest release)

Activation of the master browser on my NAS helped me a lot.
In addition, I have created a read only share for my flacs that can be read anonymously (without registration).

Maybe the little hint helps …