help please. volumio disappears under ubuntu

Hey guys,

I’m stuck at another treshold. I finally got my network to my side of the room (far less work then expected, should’ve done that way earlier) so i have my raspy hardware connected to the network via an old sitecom router (wl-153) and it works perfectly under windows.

  1. i can connect to it true volumio.local
  2. via it ip adres
  3. and it scans when using advanced ipscanner.

But I would like to install drivers for my RTL-8188EUS chiped WIFI dongle, which works perfectly under ubuntu mate, but i found out in need drives for it under volumio. No biggy i thoughed. looked it up and found how to connect to it under ssh via ubuntu terminal.

So i tried… But no respons. Since the RPI didn’t come of the network it still had the same ip adres which i typed in under chrome. no respons.
so i installed angry ip scanner… and i geuss it’s really angry at me to because of that because there seems to be no RPI on the network at that same IP adres. And since ip adresses are distributed by the router, and no changed had been made this occured strange. I checked if it was still on and it was. maybe a crash of some sort… So i went back to windows (hate that rebooting every time) and everything was back…

Anyone any idea why this is? firewall of somesort in ubuntu that blocks it? silly idea but still.
Maybe because both being linux based?

anyway ill install putty on windows and see if i can get it installed from here but i would rather do it from the linux side of the same pc.

open for any suggestions here.

Kind greatz matthieu

ps: i got the drivers from tha manufacturer… linux drivers… i prosume that will be oke? could’t find the EUS drivers from realtek itself.

login via putty, maybe solve it all if i install it under windows, so i installed putty and now i’m stuck again.

it asks to questions.

  1. login as… Root? i prosume?
  2. Password… Volumio?


root and volumio… without capitals. my bad. please forgive me :wink:

oke oeps again…

connected to the wrong (old) network… my bad. all is fine here…

seems to be working just fine. Just need to go and listen…

Thanks anyway.

Enjoy! Did you manage to get drivers working? If not, you may find this post useful … 82#p462982

cheers !


(PS: saw your presentation post and I liked it a lot! )

Yeah got the drives up and running… Just needed to get bit informed.

Now stuck at another point though… All is fine. Just no available local music source… Silly hasn’t got a USB drive available and dueto examsno time to fiddle. And I just want t verify the listing experience. Sigh.

And thanks for the PS :slight_smile:

Kind greatings