Help, please, audio Injector stereocard

Ok I’ve spent a few hours doing what most folks seem to do in a few.minutes.

Dar is audio I ejector stereo card v1.5. From the guitar it works great

Raspy 3b+ usb mouse me y boar d, external 7" screen and Seagate 4GBP usb hd…

This day unfortunately does not seem to be recognized by volumes.

A week or so ago I DID get it recognized but it w a s late, I was con f unused a nd have no idea how.

See t his card h as s an external set of drivers that need to be installed. And nothing seems to get them in for me.

I g r tried every ssh and click trick I know

Na d a

I was bouncing between this and multiplayer and I don’t know anything about t tiny . Core linux their using. So unless someone h as a third option I’m sticking k ing w volumes. It look great.

I ever e n tried g e n r Eric day and th at wouldn’t do it.

Anyone using this c a rd your steps and mercy are great a fly appreciate


Sad part is that once again, New Rasputin, this time w a raspberry day+

Even e anything sets up no errors

No sound with e r, anywhere we t :frowning: