Help needed: Camera for Volumio2 to capture still images

Dear experts,

My idea is to combine the excellent Volumio2 player with a QR Code Scanner.
I am struggling with using the camera module on the Volumio2. I cannot find anything in the Internet or the forum on this.

Does anybody have en idea how I can install e.g. picamera on the Volumio2 distribution or how I can get an still image from a Raspi or USB camera?

Many thanks in advance for your help,


Presumably you’re talking about a RPi here :wink:

Add the following to config.txt to enable the camera:


and then install your camera software of choice.

Note that you taking a chunk of memory for the GPU here … don’t know if it will have much impact on those models with less RAM. Also, make sure you DON’T do a ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ as many of the installation guides suggest, or you will likely destroy your Volumio installation.

Hey guys did I get you right, you want to improve the picture quality? If so I know the only one way which I chose for myself it’s a gimbal stabilizer click here and it’s really improves the quality of photos and especially videos but here the topic is not about the video as I can see. But whatever I think you should to try, maybe this will help you with your problem.