Help for Spotify info in my lcd display

Hi to all, lots of compliments for Volumio, is a great project that im using every day to listen music…
No getting around…im totally denied to program in Python.
But since this thing can also be useful to other users I ask for help.
I purchased Audiophonic’s Raspdac and follow a tutorial in the pages of the vendor site to able the LCD display to shows information of the songs running.
I became a premium member of Spotify and thanks to the excellent Volumio I can listen my playlist directly from Raspdac.
The question is…how can I change the attached script to get the information of the songs that im listening in spotify?
Sorry if my contribution to the forum is zero, but if anyone solve my problem might help other noobs like me …
thanks in advance… (2.16 KB)


Nobody can help me? :confused:

I think that the problem comes from the fact that mpd is used to provide information in the script. When you use Spotify in Volumio, it use spopd, and not mpd. So if you want information from spopd yo have to rewrite the script to take in charge that.

Thank you for the answer Balbuze :slight_smile:
The great problem is that… i am totaly unable to program…
So i was wondering if anyone knows how to change the script …
I hope someone who has the same Audiophonics Raspdac has made this change… I hope :confused:

Look at
This script contains a Spotify part.
However the script is buggy with other parts, so watch out.
You need to modify the GPIO settings to your own wiring.

— noitinha

Oh tnx noitinha… ill try!! :slight_smile:

see an advanced script for an OLED (not LCD) display on

– noitinha