help connecting diyinhk es9023 dac to pi

I have the diyinhk es9023 DAC and a pi.
however, i cant find a diagram showing what pins on the pi P5 connector to connect to the DAC.

has anyone done this?

I think it is down to just one questionable pin on the DAC.
the information i have so far is this:

PI P5-03 PCMCLK        ->   DAC Pin BCK
PI P5-04 PCM_FS         ->   DAC Pin LRCK
PI P5-06 PCM_DOUT  ->   DAC Pin DATA
PI P5-08 GND                ->   DAC Pin GND

that leaves just MCLK on the DAC unconnected.
can this go to P1-05 on the pi?


From what I understand of the Pi, it can’t output the 256xFs master clock signal that you’d need as input for your DAC. You will have to provide an external master clock for this to work.

This dac will not work through P5.

There is another thread in this forum that discusses this.

Diyinhk have another cheap dac that will work.

Alternatively you will need an USB to I2S converter that includes a click. You can also find that from diyinhk.

I hope someone will correct me if my info is outdated, but from what I know using USB for your audio in the Raspberry PI isn’t recommended if you’re going to stream music to it via your LAN. The problem has something to do with Ethernet and USB sharing the same bus, AFAIR.

So I2S is the recommended way to go for audio in the PI.

In that case, if you’re unwilling to add an external clock to your solution, you could change to a PCM5102 based DAC. PCM5102 is capable of generating its own masterclock from the bit clock in the I2S signal.

This board can be modded by adding an oscillator and work with asynchronous mode MCLK as described on their website:

Features: #7
7) Extreme diyer can cut the external MCLK trace and uses the pre-allocated universal oscillator footprint space(CRYSTEK957/7050/5032/3225) to install a high quality 50M oscillator for asynchronous MCLK mode.


i’ve installed an oscillator onto the DAC to generate the MCLK signal.

however, i am not able to get the DAC to show up as a sound card.
aplay -l says i have no sound cards

i’ve been using this page to help troubleshoot i2s audio: … ry-pi.html

has anyone else configured any es9023 DAC for i2s audio on the pi?

Gregarious - I have an ESS9023 DAC working on the Pi/Volumio 1.1. It is a TekDevice unit with an onboard 49MHz oscillator. There’s a link on another post on this forum. Unfortunately it does not seem to be available any longer.

I turned on the I2S driver and added the snd_soc_hifiberry_dac and snd_soc_rpi_dac lines to /etc/modules and the ESS worked right away. Have you tried this with your DIYINHK DAC?

aplay -l shows the hifiberry driver loaded - but the 9023 plays everything up to 24/192 now.

Incidentally, powering the Pi with a linear 5V power supply and powering the ESS9023 with a 3.3V linear power supply ( two rails of the DIYINHK 4-rail low-noise power supply) made an audible improvement in sound quality over using the Pi to power the DAC. Powering the ESS9023 with two AA batteries in series (it only draws 31ma) further improves the sound.

I’ve got one of these dac’s and might need help with mounting this clock on it (and the .1uf cap) behind the clock.

I’ve already cut the trace and wired the jumper on this board.