Help clarifying Volumio/UPNP Set up for Tidal


I have successfully got Tidal working through Volumio over UPNP with a BubbleUPNP server installation running on my NAS. I can use Lumin on my iPad to control everything. Perfect.

But, now, I am wondering if it is possible to cut out the NAS and use the Volumio installation on my RPi 3 as the server and the renderer.

Without the QNAP involved Volumio appears in the Lumin app but there is no option to log in to Tidal. Am I missing something?

Can you let me know if what I want to do is possible? And if so, how do I acheive it.


Running latest version of Volumio 2.246 by the way.

My understanding is, that you need BubbleUPnP server running to get streams from Tidal. In my other post I was asking for an advice how to install both (Volumio & BubbleUPnP) on a single RPi. But without BubbleUPnP server it won’t work, unless some future development adds direct Tidal streaming support to Volumio.

That’s exactly what I want to achieve as well.

I would like to have the Pi stream from Tidal without needing a separate server.

Would be nice to have a transportable Flac streaming setup.