I found this site while looking for software to install on Raspberry Pi 2 for use in my cars audio system. My car setup has a DSP that has an optical in. So I started searching for an expansion board for my Pi. Came across the Hifiberry Digi+. I received it in the mail yesterday. I also needed someway to safely shutdown the Pi when the cars ignition is shut off. Found a switch made by Mausberry Circuits. Also received this in the mail yesterday.

As of right now I have Volumio installed on my Pi with the Hifiberry digi+ hooked up. I made the wireless into an Access Point so I do not have to be on a home network to make it work. Everything works as planned so far. Today I hope to hook up the Pi to the car with the switch to see if everything works.

But so far seems to be great software and exactly what i need.