Hello Volumio, intro and question

Michael here from RI USA, 65yo, retired from a career in technology. I’ve been spending a lot of time organizing my music ( all mediums ) and have settled on Volumio for CD files. I’ve tried Tidal and Roon, Audirvana, decibel… Volumio is the best! Maybe one day you’ll add AmazonHD but until then I have 350 of my own CDs loaded. When I started loading I used a Flash USB plugged into the RaspberryPi but last week I changed to a NAS I created from an old Dell Dimension PC. I put the 128gB Flash into the NAS and now I can share it everywhere. Only problem, now when I burn a CD Volumio only offers the Internal SSD as a location, why does the NAS not show up? The system “sees” the NAS as I can play all the files on the flash drive attached to it but cannot write to it. Thanks for the help…

hmm, just guessing … perhaps Volumio can only write local and doesn’t want to write across the network?? Writes across the network require the endpoint to be mounted read/write … is the remote mount read-only?

If the NAS is mounted via NFS, writing should be possible if Volumio is using the standard Linux APIs. If in contrary, the NAS is accessed as uPNP server, then writing isn’t possible.

Our principle here is that we mount all music sources as read only (except internal). We do that to minimise the risk of accidental corruption or deletion of music library

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