Hello, it's me from Hamburg, Germany

My name is Jens and i started computering with a Commodore 64 in the 80’s.
I have a small company for IT support and programming, mostly in prepress area.
Same years ago i came to linux mainly for use a LAMP.
Last year i discovered volumio from distrowatch.com.
I’m glad that linux takes now a bigger part of my live than before.
My favorite distros are turnkey linux, q4os.org, OpenMediaVault and Volumio.
With Volumio i have something to share with my friends which is not so technical - more joyfull.

Welcome to Volumio, Jens :slight_smile:.

In the meantime I got a small overview about Volumio and some DAC boards. :smiley:
I was asked for my favority dac. its not easy to answer.
there is not a single board for me that does fit to all my specific purpose.
Always a view for the moment.
I like all the current boards from my soundcheck. ( volumio-soundcheck-invitation-for-hamburg-germany-t5918-70.html#p53133 )
and you know I love the mamboberry HD + most, because it has a great sound, and I like the people behind this product.
When a friend of me is asking for a volumio setup for his purpose, i come to his home with some devices from my soundcheck and he will choose his own favorite.

my current task is to select a DAC for our yoga room.
it should have the best sound quality. (sound first)
I will decide between the two boards: apple pi and katana.

What are my setups right now? I subscribed as a ‘myvolumio superstar’ to integrate up to 6 devices.

livingroom: mamboberry HD+ cystek & kali & ifi i power & marantz PM 6003 & Elac FS78
office: volumio primo & elac ea101eq-g & ELAC FS78
bedroom: iqaudio DigiAMP+ & CANTON plus S,C
Mobile volumio swiss nife: DACBerry ONE for Raspberry Pi Zero
yoga room:

Outdoor Setups (without streaming, sync):
SABREberry Zero & JBL on Tour XT
DACBerry AMP+ & CT298 DIY loudspeaker

thanks, so far. volumio is great :wink:

Hello Jens,
i like Mamboberry HD+, because it looks nice. And i have one question especially for me. I have tube amp Elekit 8200 with some modification and tubes 807 and E80CC. And my loudspeakers are DIY Leadh Psyche. What DAC would you suggest? :slight_smile:

I think your DIY selection is tasty - but i have not heard them.

so, you should invite me :wink: and i will show you the:

Katana 1.2
Mamboberry HD+ Cystek&Kali
and maybe the DACberry pro
best, jens

Hello Jens,
thank you for your invitation and i would like to go, but i’am from Brno (Brunn) and it is so far :slight_smile:.